Knobby the Adventure Van

Born in 1979, Knobby (aka Knobs) spent his early years traveling the country at 45mph in search of the worlds best gnar.  As an avid mountain bike aficionado, Knobby has shuttled bikes everywhere from Slickrock to Whistler before taking a brief hiatus to "find himself" in the mountains of East TN.  With a fresh coat of paint (and a little rehab), Knobby joined the Trek JC team in 2017 and couldn't be happier to once again be back doing what he loves...

Fun Facts: 
- Knobby's father once worked as a chauffeur for a music festival in New York

 - Being fuel injected, he works with several charities for vans still effected by carburetors

 - Even though most of his family immigrated to the United States from Germany, Knobby was actually born in Mexico

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